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Take the time to learn and advance at RedSun Crossfit London, and see and feel the CrossFit benefits.

Welcome to the Get Shaped Personal Trainer website. Here you will get to know us and personal training better and find out why we are your competent partner when it comes to fitness and health. You will quickly see that personal training optimally supports you in achieving a new body and a new body feeling. And all of this in a short time!

Physical fitness does not necessarily have to mean that you achieve top athletic performance. Rather, it is about defining your own personal goals and requirements. Together we work out an individual way to achieve this. The spectrum ranges from the preparation for competitive competitions to the revitalization of a stamina that has rusted through indolence. It provides preventive protection against cardiovascular complaints or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Your body is made to move. Unfortunately, our everyday life and often our comfort are geared towards the opposite. The consequences in the form of physical complaints or dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance are often not long in coming. We help you rediscover the fun of movement and get you in top shape with healthy workouts. We offer the greatest possible flexibility if you are very busy with your time and help you to integrate sport into your everyday life in the long term.

Benefit from our tailor-made program, personal fitness support and nutritional advice. Draw strength for your professional and private challenges from a new, improved sense of body and life.

We do your personal training in the studio, outdoors or at your home – just as you wish. Of course, we can also combine different training locations in a meaningful way. As a personal trainer in London, we will put together your personal program with the aim of integrating fitness into your everyday life in the long term – without time or other stress – but with a lot of fun in sport and exercise. So you enjoy your training motivated.

After an intensive initial phase, in which you are introduced to your future training, there are usually further training units with slightly longer intervals, so that in the meantime you can independently follow your individually created training and nutrition plan step by step.

Personal training with us is fun and effective – many satisfied customers confirm that. Take a look around our site and contact us to arrange a first meeting. We look forward to you! Your personal trainer from London from Get Shaped.

As a model, I always have to be in my best shape. Ken has helped me to overcome my weaker self and helps me to achieve my goals with personal training that is perfectly tailored to me.

Karen Harper

Paula Weller

Although I had never entered a gym before and had hardly done any sport, Ken was able to motivate me and increase my stability and strength extremely. So I can only recommend the personal training – no matter what level you start at and how much experience you already have.

PT in London am Main

Are you very busy at work? Would you like to use your time efficiently for sport and fitness? Do you lack the drive to be active in sports? Can’t you get used to the atmosphere of a studio?

As your personal trainer, we adapt to your individual needs and work out an efficient training concept with you. You decide when you train. Whether in the evening after work or in the morning when the kids are at school. Whenever it suits your daily routine best. You decide where you train: in private at home, in the gym or in nature. We will be happy to pick you up, remind you of our appointments by phone and provide you with advice and motivation between the individual training appointments. Significant physical changes are already noticeable after 2 – 4 months. Your environment will soon notice this positively.

There is much more to personal training than exercising under expert guidance. We build a trusting atmosphere with our customers within a short period of time. Together we will define your goals: Whether weight reduction, body toning, fitness training, back training, muscle building or weight gain at s. G. “Hard gainers”. Whatever is important to you personally, we will show you the way and support you. Your training time will be used optimally – we will guide you into the training system that is perfect for you. How much time can you spend on training? You will be amazed How little you actually need. Which diet is the best for you? Even small, important changes, easy to learn and easy to implement, create immense progress in achieving your goals.